Black to Basic

The colour black is definitely a colour that takes up almost half of my wardrobe and I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s a colour that will undoubtedly go with any outfit. There could not be any more truth to the saying ‘You can never go wrong with Black’. Keeping it to the basic blacks was one of themes for the fun collaboration I did a couple weeks ago with @rwirjoso where we decided to go for a bit of an edgy photoshoot.
For this shoot I went for a wool blend tweed mini skirt from Zara and a loose choker black blouse from Zaful, with my go to leather jacket also from Zara just hanging over the shoulders. The silver detailing on the leather jacket matched perfectly with the silver hardware on my every day Chanel mini square flap bag. The choice of shoes was a completely different choice to what I usually would go for. I was never a huge fan of the knee-high boots and thought I would never be able to pull it off, until just a couple weeks ago I impulsively decided to purchase a pair from Alias Mae called ‘Zues’ as they were on sale! It must have been a sign because ever since I’ve absolutely loved the idea of knee-high boots and little did I know they were so comfortable with the block heels, inner and outer leather, easy to put on and take off with the hidden zips on the inner sides of the boots; all making it the perfect pair of boots especially with Winter approaching. It’s true what they say, you won’t know if something looks good unless you give it a go!
Accessories wise, I’m lucky enough to be apart of the Monarch Tokyo ambassador program that have definitely got me covered in the accessories department. My choice of sunglasses were the Bel-Air frames in Silver. I love that they have the reflective Silver mirrors making them stand out, especially with the all black outfit I went for. Due to the high demand they are out of stock, but the Nara and Vixon frames are quite similar! Be sure to check out their whole collection at and treat yourself to a pair with 20% off by using my code KIMBERLEY20!
See below for a closer look at my outfit and the shots taken by Rio!

Kimberley-37Kimberley-38Kimberley-39.jpgKimberley-68Kimberley-63Kimberley-69Kimberley-68 copyKimberley-59.jpgKimberley-82Kimberley-58Kimberley-50

Photographed by @rwirjoso


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