A Midsummer’s Day

Throwback to this Midsummer’s Day photoshoot with @cndybri! It was definitely a different kind of photoshoot that I’ve done in the past, with the make up and outfit being something I was indeed not used to. Nonetheless it was a great experience and a privilege to be helping out a friend for her final Fashion portfolio. The outfit I’m wearing below is a simple sheer black one piece that had a draped cape feature to it designed by @clau77mato. For someone who honestly hasn’t mastered the way of shaping and doing her eyebrows correctly, it was a huge shock when the concept they were going for required me to have extremely thick dark eyebrows and freckles (which unfortunately couldn’t be seen in most of the shots). Luckily the make up artist @monaamonicaa was able to make it look as natural as possible with the requirements where by the end of the shoot, I didn’t want to wipe off the make up! My favourite part was definitely playing around with the sheer cape, twirling it around here and there. Anyways, Happy Scrolling!


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