Daily Harbour Views

Taking a stroll around what you could basically call my backyard – a beautiful view of the Victoria Harbour, blue skies and the piers filled with an array of yachts lined up. It is indeed a great way to spend the mornings walking around here whilst embracing the view. One of my casual looks for a slightly breezy day in the midst of Melbourne’s summer includes this Viktoria and Woods Grey wide sleeved sweater. It is definitely up there in terms of being one of the cosiest sweaters in my wardrobe. The additional feature of the wide sleeves is an extra bonus, especially with statement sleeves currently being a massive trend. Pairing this sweater with either a pair of denim shorts or in this case my go to White Topshop denim jeans are definitely what works well for me. Rather than the usual heels and sandals, I went for the most recent item in my wardrobe – The Lacoste Straightset sneakers. As most might already know by now, I’m all for the simple yet classic items that I know that will almost never go out of fashion and can last a lifetime. These sneakers are perfect in that it looks minimalist with a few minor details that I absolutely love. That is the small Lacoste branding in Gold and the croc texture – definitely need to keep these clean after every use. Last but not least, this casual look goes hand in hand with a comfortable choice in handbags. For me that’s anything with a strap that can be carried on my shoulder leaving both hands free, and for this outfit I went for the Hermes Kelly with my Twilly that added a bit of colour to the already neutral based outfit.



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