Another CNY, Another Red Dress.

Welcoming the Year of the Rooster in of course another red dress! Chinese New Year is always an exciting celebration where it’s another year to purchase another red dress! For the past couple years already, I’ve chosen not to go with the Cheongsam – those were mostly worn in my childhood days. Although, I have seen many beautifully designed Cheongsams that incorporates the current fashion trends and definitely willing to give it a go one year. This year I went for a Zara red frill dress that basically is the ‘red dancing girl’ emoji coming to life – pretty much the reason I bought it! It’s the perfect Summer dress that flows here and there, super light weight and at a perfect length just above the knees. I couldn’t stop myself from twirling around in this dress – as you’ll probably see in the video down below! I paired the dress with just a classic Salvatore Ferragamo clutch and my go to Nine West strappy sandal heels. I had contemplated going for a pair of pointy black heels but to go along with that summer vibe, sandal heels seemed like the most ideal option. Anyways, Chinese New Year this year was a bit low key than the past years as the date clashed with many other celebrations, but nonetheless we enjoyed the weekend celebrating! Prior to our annual banquet dinner, we had afternoon tea at the Waiting Room at Crown while admiring the beautiful red pockets hanging from a tree right in the centre of the hotel lobby. Overall, Chinese New Year is always a fun occasion to get together as a family, go for our annual banquet dinner at Shark Fin House (hopefully a post on this soon as we go here almost every year!), watch the many lion dances and don’t forget receiving those red pockets!
Have a scroll down for a closer look at my Chinese New Year outfit!

FullSizeRender 14.jpgfullsizerender-6


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