Royal Croquet Club

This was our first year at the Royal Croquet Club and let’s be honest, any sort of festival that involves a variety of food trucks, drinks and anything fun – we will almost always be there! The RCC was a pretty chill atmosphere with live music, many people having a go at a game of croquet and basically just enjoying the entertainment accompanied by the perfect weather. I had a go at a game of croquet for the first time and it was indeed easier than expected! After a few hits here and there, we made our way to the Pimm’s kiosk. It was my first time trying Pimm’s and it was definitely something I would order again! It tasted like a bunch of different citrus fruits, spices, floral flavours and tea mixed together with a small portion of a base spirit – relatively sweet with that extra punch! A bit of a short but sweet post but nonetheless enjoy scrolling through our day at the Royal Croquet Club!


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