Graduating at the age of 20 – Kimberley C Wong, B.Env, Property! Looking back at the day I graduated Dec 2015, it was more hectic than it actually should have been. Papa Wong had organised a suite at Crown Towers for me to invite all my close friends for a gathering to celebrate my graduation after the ceremony! Although I of course was on board with the idea, this meant that before my ceremony we had to Check In, Bring all my stuff and the food my dear mother of course prepared for everyone (She loves to cook!). Luckily, Mr P finished work a bit early so we were able to get everything done before the ceremony and there was already two bouquets of flowers – one from Mama Pranata and the other from Mr P.
It was really hot that day but luckily with a cool breeze, otherwise I’m almost certain I would have fainted in that ridiculously heavy graduation gown! I even told Mr P not to even bother wearing a suit, a shirt would definitely suffice! 
I was actually quite overwhelmed with the number of people who came to congratulate me on my graduation. Definitely wasn’t expecting much, as it was during a weekday, working hours and that time of year where everyone is going back to their home country! Really appreciative of everyone who made the effort to come, making my graduation day even more special! The ceremony was very mundane, and of course WONG is towards the end of the alphabet, which meant I had to wait a while! Finally, we were able to get ready and have our gowns pinned neatly for the photos on stage, and that was it – got my certificate! I was planning on staying for the whole ceremony, but my Grandpa surprised me outside (So yes, I sneaked out!)
A special mention for my friend Stephen who came down not only to congratulate me but also to take a few photos! Also Mr P for staying from the beginning to the end, helping with holding everything, coming in to the ceremony with my family, taking photos here and there and just being there despite the busy period at work!
Graduation night was definitely one to remember, just being silly and having fun with a group of friends! And of course, a sleepover with my 2 crazy Bimbs! We literally slept at 4AM, knowing that we had to wake up at 8AM to help our florist friend create more graduation bouquets for the following days. This didn’t stop us, there was so many conversations that we had that just can’t be mentioned. This may be irrelevant but it was pretty funny when every time a topic of conversation got really intense, all three of us would start squealing and sit up in a circle – in the dark! 
My graduation day, from the beginning to the very end was definitely a memorable day! Stay tuned for more snaps from the day!




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