Dinner by Heston: Anniversary Night

This year Mr P and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary! This was the first time we weren’t able to spend the whole day together as the 8th fell on a Monday and we were both working. But in all honesty, it just got us more excited throughout the day to see each other for our dinner. Mr P had made a reservation for Dinner by Heston a month ago so we were stoked! When he picked me up that night, it felt like it was our very first date but three years later. Yes, three years is nothing compared to 5 or 10 years together, but to be able to feel the same way was pretty special. We were both feeling a bit nervous but happy and excited at the same time. Anyways, enough of the cheesy stuff!
Dinner by Heston was an absolutely amazing dining experience – from the atmosphere, the service and of course the dishes. The minute you walk up the dimmed hallway and enter through the sliding doors, you instantly get the wow factor the minute the sliding doors open. We were lucky enough to get a great table with the view of the Yarra!
Keep scrolling to read more about what we ordered!
Ordering drinks first is a must for us! Mr P ordered the Cider Gimlet which although was strong and the fact that you could really taste the vapour, it was the perfect drink for him. I ordered the Apricot Fruit Wine which was one of their popular ‘sweet’ drink, an alternative from the usual Moscato or Rose I usually go for. For Entrées, We went straight for the most talked about Meat Fruit. To find out it actually was Chicken Liver Parfait was perfect for the both of us who absolutely love our parfait – one of the go to dishes at every winery we visit! Another entrée we ordered was the Hay Smoked Ocean Trout which was definitely my favourite! Don’t get me wrong, the Meat Fruit was delicious from its texture, presentation and taste but the Ocean Trout was complemented with a beautifully smooth lemon salad and perfectly smoked, it was something more up my alley! I absolutely love anything with a lemon base. These were the two entrees that caught our attention instantly.
For Mains, we were contemplating whether to order the Bone in Rib of Black Angus for 2 and an additional Main, but the waitress suggested that it was pretty huge to share plus another main! Backup plan, we went for the Black Angus Rib Eye along with the Mushroom ketchup, chips and the additional special they had on – Mashed Potato with Truffle! We had heard a lot about the mushroom ketchup sauce and was definitely not disappointed, it was delicious! For my main dish, I ordered the Slow Cooked Pork Belly which I thought tasted better than the Rib Eye.


Dessert was the part I was most excited for! Straight away I knew I wanted to order the Tipsy Cake with the spit roast pineapple. Although we were ridiculously full by now, there was still space for dessert. Another dessert we ordered was the Taffety Tart with a blackcurrant sorbet. My favourite was without a doubt the Tipsy Cake, it was drenched in some syrup, soft doughy texture with a bit of sugar and to top it off a bite of the spit roast pineapple. By now we were extremely full, and definitely could not go for the Optional Fourth Course which was the Nitrogen Ice Cream where they literally bring out an ice cream cart, create it all in front of you and offer a variety of toppings. Definitely coming back for that!


Last but not least, the staff at Heston were very sweet to have arranged a mini dessert for us that was a Chocolate Shot with infused Pandan, complemented with some sort of Biscotti. They even had “Happy Anniversary” written in chocolate on both plates. They went to the effort so we couldn’t NOT eat it! Overall, both Entrees and Desserts we ordered were my favourites! The Mains were great but weren’t my favourites. It’s always interesting to know the origin behind each dish, and this was clearly shown on the menu, and the additional input from the waiters at Heston. It was a great night indeed!


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