Daylesford Getaway

Finally able to share about our weekend getaway in Daylesford – one of our favourite destinations! Indeed we enjoy the likes of Mornington, Red Hill, Yarra Valley etc. for the usual road trips, but Daylesford definitely stands out from the mix. It’s a much more tranquil and serene atmosphere, perfect for when we want to get away from the busy city and indulge in a delicious meal. A few months back we visited Sault which was indeed a hidden gem in the midst of Daylesford. So glad I found this place! Ever since, it has been the go to restaurant for us in Daylesford as the service, dishes, view and surrounding is absolutely perfect.The restaurant itself is part of its own scenic homestead with the most beautiful entrance accompanied by a simple yet traditional Barn Chapel that definitely can’t be missed. All this surrounded by what would of been a Lavender Field which we would of seen if we came a month later! It was a great way to spend the weekend strolling around Sault Daylesford.
Click here to read more about our dining experience at Sault!


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