Sault, Daylesford

A beautiful setting at Sault Daylesford with one of the best menus! We already had a pretty big lunch prior to visiting Sault and had planned to just have a few drinks while overlooking the beautiful lake. However as usual, the minute we walked in and had a look at the menu, there was no hiding the fact that we were up for a second lunch! For Entrees we ordered the Duck Liver Parfait with Brioche which was the perfect combination, where the parfait would just melt in your mouth. For Mains, I can’t exactly remember the name of this dish but from what I remember it contained some sort of lamb wrapped in cabbage and duck breast. For our Sides, we decided to order Tapas from the Sea and Tapas from the Garden. One of the dishes was the Grilled Octopus with Confit Potato and Black Garlic Aioli which was definitely my favourite out of all dishes! Another was the Green Beans with Chorizo Crumbs and Poached Quail Eggs. In terms of Drinks, I ordered the usual glass of Patrizi Moscato and Mr P ordered a glass of Pinot Noir.
Every dish at Sault Daylesford had the perfect combination in terms of flavour, texture and of course presentation! All these factors definitely made our dining experience one to remember.
For a closer look of this beautiful destination, Click here!
Sault Restaurant Daylesford
2349 Ballan-Daylesford Rd, Sailors Falls VIC 3461


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