Oh, Canola!

Finally after a year, we finally made it to the Canola fields! What better way to start Spring by a beautiful drive along the country side with blooming Canola fields almost everywhere. Basically the story behind this is that around the end of October last year, a few friends and I decided to go ‘Canola hunting’ but massively failed as by that time of the year, the canola fields were back basically dead. This year round, we were lucky enough to see plenty of canola fields all around Laverton and Werribee. The greatest thing about these outer suburbs is that the roads are almost completely empty, hence we were able to just stop beside the canola fields and frolic towards the centre. It was a indeed a scenic view where a photograph doesn’t do it justice. Although majority of the time the sky was looking rather gloomy, the sun decided to come out here and there which was absolutely beautiful.

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