Minimalist Fashion

A saying that is always in my mind when deciding on an outfit – “Less is more”. Indeed, this is what minimalist fashion is all about. I may not be an expert in Fashion, but minimalist outfits make for an easy and convenient option that may be simple yet always stylish. Anything minimalist will almost always be suitable for the warm-semi cold-weather style or look you’re going for. Especially in Melbourne with the unpredictable weather, with minimalist clothing you don’t have to worry about whether your colour tone suits or works with the current season. Indeed a strong advocate for minimalism! Entering the Spring season where it is still relatively chilly, I went for this simple look below – a pair of black Zara skinny trousers, a plain black V neck camisole singlet and a white structured blazer both from Topshop. The blazer added a bit of conservatism to the overall look. After all, this was after Sunday service at church. Of course keeping in with this seasons trend, I paired the outfit with my recently purchased Gucci reflective aviators and a thick neck choker. Currently obsessing over chokers, especially since I already have a relatively elongated neck – the choker definitely fills the space. Something out of the ordinary of this outfit is a touch of colour! Having rummaged through my shoe collection, I came across an old yet loved pair of heels from Tony Bianco purchased years ago! The colour and design of these heels were the perfect touch to my overall minimalist look. Scroll down for closer details of my outfit!


TOP: Plain V Neck Black Camisole from Topshop
BOTTOMS: Black Skinny Trousers from Zara
White Structured Shoulder Blazer from Topshop
SHOES: ‘Amazon’ Burnt Orange Suede Heels from Tony Bianco
HANDBAG: Togo Black Kelly 28 from Hermes
ACCESSORIES: Reflective Aviators from Gucci and Thick Strapped Choker from Lovisa

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