Welcome To Sunny Fitzroy

Indeed it was sunny in Fitzroy during this shoot with absolutely no signs of wind or rain! This is beyond unusual in the middle of winter in Melbourne. We went for an edgy chic look with neutral colours of course to blend in with the artistic graffiti work infamously known as “Welcome to Sunny Fitzroy”. The leather look was something I thought would really compliment the backdrop. Pretty much dressed in leather from head to toe – from the leather high waisted shorts from Topshop with a light grey Zara sweater tucked in, paired with my go-to leather jacket also from Zara, hanging just over the shoulders and of course paired with my Nine West ankle leather point boots! A current favourite has also been these metallic reflection Gentle Monster sunglasses that has certainly been a trend lately. They may look slightly chunky but are super light weight and definitely adds a certain touch to the overall look. Once again, the images below were taken by my talented friend @stephensanjayy – Check him out!
Details of my outfit down below!


TOP: Grey Wool Sweater from Zara
BOTTOMS: Leather High Waisted Shorts from Topshop
OUTERWEAR: Black Studded Leather Jacket from Zara
SHOES: Leather Ankle Point Boots from Nine West
ACCESSORIES: ‘Love Punch’ Reflection Sunglasses from Gentle Monsters

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