All About The Lace

Indeed this is one of those rare occasions where I decided to wear something a little more colourful than the usual blacks, whites, greys or beige. A little colour once in a while won’t hurt! The outfit below is definitely out of the ordinary for me and something that stands out in my wardrobe. It’s the perfect dress for Summer or Spring but yes I decided to bring this one out for the mini photo shoot I had with a friend of mine during Winter! Mainly because I had completely forgotten that it even existed in my wardrobe and of course couldn’t wait til Summer or Spring to wear it!
From a far it comes across as a simple yet bright yellow/orange dress, but it’s the lace texture and wide spread sleeves that certainly caught my attention. I love how versatile the dress is in terms of being able to style it in different ways: either off the shoulders or just loosely placed on the shoulders. I tend to always purchase items I know can be used in more than one way unless it’s a dress or something for a special occasion. This outfit definitely went well with a pair of my favourite Black Christian Louboutin Pigalles and my mothers vintage Salvatore Ferragamo chain shoulder purse. Side note – it was just after the shoot I noticed that the red lipstick I had on matched with the red soles of my heels! Another perk of this dress is that it can appear to be a formal yet also casual dress, where on a more casual Summer day I would probably opt for a pair of Black or even Tan gladiator sandals. Keeping the outfit simple with my choice of heels and purse avoided the details of the lace on the dress being overpowered, as you can probably tell the dress itself had already a lot going on from the lace to the wide spread sleeves! Unfortunately this dress was in my wardrobe, never been worn with no labels!
Scroll down for a closer look and details of my outfit, all taken by my talented friend Stephen! Check him out @stephensanjayy and be sure to check out all his work at

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DRESS: Unfortunately this was just sitting in my wardrobe with no label – No idea where I got it from!
SHOES: Black Christian Louboutin Pigalles 100mm
HANDBAG: Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Shoulder Chain Purse
ACCESSORIES: Cartier LOVE Bracelet

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