Grecian Goddess

A little bit about this photoshoot, Basically a friend of mine asked for my help for her final assignment and of course I couldn’t say no! I always feel honoured when any of my friends trust me in being their ‘model’ for either an assignment or merely for their portfolios. This photoshoot was definitely different to the ones in the past, she had organised everything literally to the tee – from getting the photography application forms at the varying locations, hiring a make up artist, photographer (which so happened to be my friend as well), preparing food and drinks, things to keep me warm and the list goes on! It was definitely a great experience!
The Shrine of Remembrance was the perfect setting for this Grecian Goddess themed photoshoot. Unfortunately we couldn’t take many as the clouds were slowly approaching but the ones we managed to get turned out amazing! We both decided that this Grey sleeveless shirt dress was the closest thing I had that suited the Goddess theme. Unfortunately we didn’t have any ‘greek goddess’ looking sandals but apparently in Ancient Greece it was common for people to be walking around bare foot. Along with this, my friend had organised a customised hand made flower crown from Flower Temple which was absolutely beautiful – definitely felt like a flower princess! The next location after The Shrine and after the rain stopped – was the Royal Botanical Gardens! The Autumn leaves on the branches was the perfect backdrop, as was the many leaves scattered all on the grass. It was really fun to be able to prance around the garden bare foot and not look stupid as it was for a photoshoot!
Don’t forget to check out the following:
Photographer: @stephensanjayy
Make Up Artist: @stefaniehalim
Stylist: @stefanicahyadi
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