Dresses In Winter

Officially have overcome my fear of wearing dresses in Winter! As you may have already guessed from my previous posts, I have a fear of getting cold and almost always will be wearing layers and layers of clothes. But lately I’ve been finding it extremely comfortable to just be in casual dresses (Or because I have recently purchased a fair bit online!)
Anyways, Currently loving this casual attire I have on in the images below, where I’m just wearing a Grey Camisole dress bought online from Missguided. Obsessed with this dress as it definitely ticks the box for comfort and style. Especially with the thigh split, the tie belt across the waist and the loose neck line. Instantly decided to pair this look up with my Zara leather jacket and Nine West ankle boots – knowing it would be the perfect match for this outfit. The pointy ankle boots, personally adds a bit of conservatism while the leather jacket still gives a bit of a casual vibe to the outfit. Of course, we need a handbag to match and nothing better than my Mini Square Chanel Flap Bag. The gold chain matches the gold detailing on my ankle boots, and it’s overall the most convenient bag I have – small in size and goes with almost any outfit.
This simple look definitely does the job for comfort while doing errands! The Black and Grey are my most go-to colours HAHA, not to forget White of course! I guess my dress style is more towards being relatively simple yet conservative. However, I do like to occasionally add something different to my outfit to make me look a bit different – whether it’s with the texture or style of clothing or accessories. Even a handbag or pair of shoes that stands out is more than enough for me! Definitely don’t like to go over the top with outfits, I’m a firm believer in dressing for the right occasion!
On a side note, I’ve been so excited to share this! Many around me have probably heard me rant on and on about this but the scarf you can see me wearing in some of the pictures is the greatest and most inexpensive investment I’ve made! It’s a Wool scarf from H&M that was on Sale for $5! Yes, I’m not missing a 0 at the end!! And the quality is ridiculously good – extremely thick, chunky and perfect for this Winter! I have been wearing this literally nearly every day! I’ve purchased scarves for almost 10 times the price of that one, and have never gotten the same comfort and warmth as this one! Hopefully they still have it there for you to check it out!
Scroll down for details of my outfit!
Of course, Big Thanks to Mr P for taking these shots!

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IMG_5359.PNGFullSizeRender 11FullSizeRender 6FullSizeRender 5
IMG_5359.PNGFullSizeRender 7

DRESS: Casual Tie Grey Camisole Dress from Missguided
OUTERWEAR: Black Trafaluc Leather Jacket from Zara
SHOES: Black Leather Ankle Boots from Nine West
SCARF: Grey Wool Scarf from H&M
HANDBAG: Classic Caviar Chanel Square Mini Flip Bag


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