Mammoth, Armadale

Mammoth is definitely  a hidden gem within the suburb of Armadale! I had visited this joint a while ago with Mr P and his FA, but definitely wanted to come back! First impression – As soon as the GPS said ‘your destination is to the right’, I was already in mid conversation with Mr P telling him that it must be the place on the right, the only one that stands out in an awkward triangular sized shape. I could straight away see through the wide glass windows, that the interior of this brunch place certainly stood out amongst the relatively old looking neighbourhood of Armadale. It was literally like a restaurant in its own little island in between two parallel streets (Scroll down! You’ll definitely understand what I mean).
We were already impressed by the interior and design of Mammoth – bright and spacious features with a beautiful pastel blue colour scheme. The blue certainly created the feeling of a calm and tranquil atmosphere! If you don’t know by now,  I am instantly drawn to a place that aesthetically looks good.  The counter was definitely my favourite spot at Mammoth, with the brown leather aprons hanging against the wall and the brown leather stools. Enough said about the design, as I could go on an on – The menu itself was very impressive! Everything was so unique and definitely not your ordinary brunch place with just eggs and bacon. Unfortunately, the first time I visited Mammoth I didn’t take many photos of the dishes we ordered, but I remember we ordered the: Green Chilli Chicken, Crispy Red Rice Cake, Chicken Fat Fried Egg & Herb Salad and The Benedict. The Green Chilli Chicken Salad I ordered was definitely not what I was expecting, as for some reason I thought the red rice cake was going to be like the Korean Topokki! Regardless, it was still a pleasant meal!
Second time, went back with a friend for a long overdue catch up where the weather was just perfect! We may have dressed up a little for brunch HAHA – why not! Anyways, She ordered the North Shore – smoky ham hock, flame 21.5 grilled pineapple, jalepeño popper, tabasco, poached eggs and I ordered what Mr P got last time, The Benedict – Duck Sausage, Orange and Corn Blini, Pickled Onion, Fried Egg & Smoked Maple Hollandaise!
736 Malvern Rd, Armadale VIC 3143
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In case you were wondering, My iPhone case was ordered and personalised from The Daily Edited!
Monday to Friday: 7.30AM – 4PM
Saturday and Sunday: 8.00AM – 4.30PM

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