Part 3: The Celebration Continues

It is definitely true what they say, your birthday will always last for a good ONE week – Birthday Week!  N.B. This will be a LONG post!
The day after my birthday, Mr P had just gone back to work after the Christmas holiday break (plus the extra annual leave he took for my birthday … Sweet indeed!) and we planned to just have a chill dinner together. Mr P finished work early and I became extremely indecisive of what I felt like eating, so we literally went around the CBD getting a whole bunch of snacks here and there, claiming my free birthday Chatime and Boost before finally deciding to go to CHICK-IN (I love the Kimchi Fries!). Since I was feeling a bit light headed I said I’d take a nap till we got there and Mr P would wake me up. TURNS OUT, We never got to CHICK-IN! Well we did, but it was to waste some time! When I woke up we were actually outside my apartment building and Mr P rolled down the car window, I looked to the left and my friends were there standing all dressed in BLACK with a bunch of balloons! No wonder Mr P had told me to wear the White Playsuit from last night as he “really liked it” HAHA..Clearly It was so I could be the only one wearing white (My favourite colour)! I literally was still half asleep and my hair was all over the place, but I couldn’t keep them waiting! See below for the videos and photos from the night!
Really felt blessed to be around this group of friends! And a massive thank you to Mr P and my crazy partner Astri (You probably see her in most of my photos HAHA!). Before anything, Astri took me upstairs to my apartment so I could put some make up on and basically look ‘presentable’ for the photos everyone knows I would want to take! When we got downstairs everyone was already in the function room, but when I walked in I started to notice a never ending line of food – it was literally all of my favourite foods! It was just a few weeks before this, Mr P and I had massive cravings one night for all kinds of food and decided to just list them all, categorising them to Entrees, Mains, Sides, Dessert – I told you guys! We love our food! Turns out, almost everything on that list was in front of me! I didn’t need the pretty looking food, just the thought of everyone going out of their way to get all these dishes was really touching and got me speechless! It was a great night!
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The Precious Gifts!
It wasn’t even about the gifts given by my Sisters in Christ, the mere thought and effort they put in was already worth more than anything! The thing that meant the most was that each gift had its own sentimental meaning behind it and each letter was personalised and filled with genuine heartfelt words – the true meaning of sisterhood!
  • The Jolie & Dean Bracelet: This girl knows that I love marble and rose gold, She even said it would be able to match the Rose Gold bracelet that I always have on!
  • The Snoopy & Friends Personalised Frame: Although this girl was unable to be in Melbourne on my birthday, she still managed to have prepared a gift – not your ordinary gift! But hey, together we are never ‘ordinary’ anyways! I absolutely loved this gift as the personalised writing she chose perfectly summed us up – “The greatest gift we ever made…Was Friendship” and the two blonde girls were definitely us Bimbs!
  • Transforming Grace by Jerry Bridges: This girl was also not in Melbourne during my birthday, but she had this book mailed to me arriving the day after my birthday! A perfect book to start reading on one of my favourite topics – Grace! It is an easy read (She knows I love those kind of books) yet have so many powerful messages within every chapter! Highly Recommended!
  • Personalised ‘The Daily Edited’ Iphone Case and ‘K’ Notebook: This girl definitely knows me! She knows I love rose gold as well as marble, hence the rose gold embossing of my initials on the phone case! Til’ this day I haven’t changed my Iphone cover and that’s a big deal for someone who continuously changes her Iphone cover!
  • MAC Red Lipstick: I sure love my red lipsticks! I will never get enough of having too many red lipsticks, so this was a lovely gift and definitely the perfect colour!
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With my COOL (Community Of Love) members – after the sharing and fellowship, the light turned off and suddenly they all started singing Happy Birthday and a cake was brought towards me! They even got me a Princess Crown HAHA! This was really unexpected!


The Sunday after, was the day before Astri’s birthday and a group of us had planned to do an ‘early’ surprise at church where I was in charge to get her cake after 1st Service. Just so happened on this day, I asked Mr P to add me to the surprise Whatsapp group they had for me, but seconds later I was removed from the group. This was so odd and the group we had for Astri’s surprise at church wasn’t as active as it normally would be! Anyways, got the cake and was confused as to how the surprise would work at Church because no one would tell me much. Eventually, some came out to help me with the cake and we slowly brought it in. One told me to walk backwards to prevent the lit candles from going out (Which was a valid point), They said they would tap me when to turn around and when they did…I literally died of laughter HAHA! Because Astri had just turned around ALSO holding a cake but for me! Although we were both extremely clueless, this was an extremely well planned surprise! The funny thing was, before I went to buy the cake I actually saw Astri walk pass with a cake but she said “it’s for someone’s birthday in the Ushering Team”. Literally didn’t think much of it. Now it all makes sense why I was kicked out of the Whatsapp Group! Anyways, See the video below and you’ll get what I mean! Till this day, I still crack up laughing watching the video.



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