In The Midst of Winter

Officially in the midst of Winter! Although it isn’t my absolute favourite time of year as I just can’t handle the cold, definitely still always finding ways to embrace the Winter season at the snow! By Snow, I mean go with a group of friends where we literally just take a billion of photos, go tobogganing, make a bunch of snowmen (Who says adults can’t make a snowman?), snow angels and everything but skiing HAHA! Definitely a goal to go actual Skiing at the snow if not this year the next!
Another perk about the Winter season despite the freezing cold, is the fashion! Some may disagree (including MR P!), but when it comes to the snow I automatically go for this Fur jacket (Details of my outfits down below!). He hates everything fur! But surprisingly when I wore this a few years ago, Mr P actually said “This one is actually not that bad”. I never thought I would hear those words come out of his mouth when talking about anything Fur! Now before you say anything, I did say I don’t actually go a fur jacket definitely does the job – keeping me warm and looks good HAHA!
Of course, I would wear proper ski gear if I was actually snow boarding and skiing!  Another must, is a cosy but not overly ‘stuffy’ jumper/sweater! For me it’s the Wool Kenzo Sweater! The colour I have is pretty bright but hey it makes me stand out in the snow! Bottom wise, I always seem to go for White Jeans and For shoes, it’s always long boots that are super fitted against my legs which surprisingly don’t make me slip in the snow! Obviously if I couldn’t walk in them I would definitely hire the snow shoes!
Lake Mountain: Recommended for people who don’t want to do anything BUT see snow (which that itself I’m not sure whether it was real snow)! You are able to go tobogganing but you don’t get the thrill from being on a higher hill as you would at Mt Buller! In terms of scenery and views, at the top of the Summit there is a picturesque view that is only about a 15minute hike! For us girls, It took a little bit longer than that…by a little bit longer I mean 45 Minutes as we kept stopping for pictures HAHA! The guys were literally about to throw snow all over us. Oops! Overall, there were more young families with their toddlers and generally just a place to ‘experience’ snow.
Mount Buller: Personally, it was a much better experience as we got to do a lot more! We had unlimited access to the chair lifts and gondolas which overlooked the beautiful landscapes that Mt Buller had to offer! Amazing restaurants to stop over at, as we were definitely starving after playing around in the snow! And tobogganing at Mt Buller was way more fun than at Lake Mountain!
Can’t wait to actually go skiing, but for now Happy Snow Season everyone!

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TOP: Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirt
BOTTOMS: White Topshop Jeans
OUTWEAR: Forever New Faux Fur Jacket
SHOES: Dark Brown Knee High Tony Bianco Boots
HANDBAG: Vintage Etienne Aigner Cross Over 

FullSizeRender 12FullSizeRender 15FullSizeRender 9FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 7FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 2
TOP: Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirt in Grey
BOTTOMS: White Topshop Jeans
OUTWEAR: Navy Blue Zara Waterproof Puffer Jacket
SHOES: Dark Brown Knee High Tony Bianco Boots
HANDBAG: Vintage Etienne Aigner Cross Over
HEADPIECE: Navy Blue Carhartt Beanie

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