Part 2: Officially Turning 21

The actual birthday – Yes, January 6th was the day I turned 21! During the day, I spent it with Mr P where he took me on a mini romantic adventure doing what we absolutely love together – visiting wineries, sightseeing and eating a bunch of tapas food which MUST include a charcuterie board of some sort! Those who have Mr P on Instagram would have probably seen that Yes I was worried about the weather being too gloomy and rain, but God is certainly good and gave us nothing but sun and the perfect weather! We visited the ‘Dominique Portet’ winery in Yarra Valley (870-872 Maroondah Highway, Coldstream, VIC). The winery had a beautiful setting outside which instantly attracted us to having our meal outside, and plus the white arched doors were too pretty to NOT be a backdrop for a photo.
A bit of a funny story, I’m actually afraid of dogs (big or small! But I do think a lot of them are really cute – just a bit of a fear). So the owner (Mr Dom – apparently his son went to the same school as my brother!) had an in house dog and it kept coming towards our table outside, so I kept moving away and turns out this was the perfect opportunity for Mr P to reply to a group that he apparently had, to organise a surprise for me! Click the link below:
Part 3: The Celebration Continues
Anyways the meals, wine and vibe at Dominique Portet was the perfect way to spend the day of my birthday! My absolute favourite part was just having glasses of wine with Mr P on the Red wooden Adirondack chairs and just admiring the beautiful view in front of us! I definitely can see us doing this when we are older, hopefully in the same spot – who knows HAHA!

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On the night of my birthday, I spent it with my family over a dinner at one of my favourite restaurants – The Atlantic! As I am obsessed with White, I chose this semi-formal tie-knot playsuit from an online boutique and matched it up with a pair of beige strappy Tony Bianco heels. Heels are always the best option for changing your outfit from casual to formal in seconds. Although I was relatively exhausted from the day, it was indeed a lovely dinner spent with my loved ones! Unfortunately Big K was unable to make it but he definitely made it up with my birthday present!
Click the link below for more on the foodie experience at The Atlantic:
The Atlantic, Melbourne

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