Part 1: The Super Early 21st Birthday

Another long awaited post – My 21st Birthday! So, ever since I was young I would always celebrate my birthday either early as January would always be the time we would be travelling during the school holidays OR a few months later (Which I guess is more normal HAHA!). There have been so many times where my birthday was celebrated on the plane and one of my favourite memories was when the air hostess all wrote me a card for when I woke up – see below! (It was a ‘belated’ card HAHA!)
Anyways, so 21 is a pretty big deal hey! I had an extremely early celebration as there were some of my friends who would be leaving Melbourne for good and I wanted to share this milestone with them! Looking back at old photos, the venue of choice for birthdays never seemed to change for me haha! This year I still went ahead with booking a Suite at Crown Towers to celebrate – BUT this time, I wanted to do the whole dessert table, balloons, food etc. Back then, It was just a place to get ready for our dinner at a restaurant and to later sleep over! Sleepovers were a big deal for me as my parents would never let me sleep over when I was younger HAHA the only way was if it was at my house or at a hotel #asianparents HAHA!
For the early celebration, I was able to decorate the place exactly the way I had envisioned it – setting up the dessert table in its own area where guests were able to take photos behind it, an area for photos with a bunch of props for when guests come and of course an area for food and drinks! With the Dessert table (see below), I really have no idea why I decided to go for the ‘baby pink’ colour palette as I really didn’t want it to look like a baby shower HAHA! Regardless, I was still happy with what I was able to put together with a touch of red, white and grey! I was lucky to have friends from church who designed and made the two tier cake, cake pops, customised cupcakes and biscuits! Everything else in the jars were all of my favourite lollies/snacks with everything labelled accordingly! Felt extremely satisfied with the end result of the dessert table!

FullSizeRender 24FullSizeRender 29FullSizeRender 13FullSizeRender 2

A friend of mine from Uni was extremely helpful on the day especially with all her ideas! She gave me the idea of taking polaroids throughout the night and this cute ‘Wish Jar’ that she gave me as a gift! She was definitely right about the polaroids, as by the end of the night I had literally hundreds of them which are perfect memories of the night! The polaroids was a cute way for everyone to add to the guestbook (which I got custom made at Officeworks – Pretty good hey even with the gold embossing!) 
FullSizeRender 6FullSizeRender 32Outfit wise – I couldn’t pick between two of my favourite colours (White or Red) so decided to wear both on the night! Started off with a long simple Red strapless gown (Which is a massive risk for me… Girls, You should know what I mean) but luckily it was tailored perfectly for my body! There were less ‘pulling up my dress’ moments than I had expected HAHA! This red gown was custom made from some online boutique website I can’t exactly remember the name of! Not long after, about halfway throughout the night I changed into a White one shoulder gown which was definitely much more comfortable to walk in!

FullSizeRender 30FullSizeRender 25

FullSizeRender 17
FullSizeRender 23Here are some more snaps from the night!

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