Cafe Lafayette, Port Melbourne

55 Beach St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Perfectly spent Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago at Cafe Lafayette, which is beautifully located in front of the beachfront. This infamous ‘Raindrop Cake’ has been trending all over Instagram. After an extremely filling lunch, Mr P and I had a bit of a sweet tooth so this was the perfect idea! We made it just in time before closing, ordered coffee and the raindrop cake was on its way! The milkshake that looked like it was overloaded with a lot of chocolate goodness was very tempting, but I was sure if I had ordered that too I would definitely be on a sugar high HAHA! Anyways, The raindrop cake was presented really well, it was more of a jelly in my opinion though! I ordered the one with brown sugar and soy bean, but definitely would love to try the crushed almond and rose milk! Cafe Lafayette also offers a replica of the Watermelon Cake from Black Star Pastry based in Sydney –  worth the try as well! Definitely an ideal place for a quick catch up with some friends for a sweet treat and coffee. I’m sure the dishes available are also delicious!
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Monday to Friday: 7.30PM – 3.30PM
Saturday and Sunday: 8AM – 4PM

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