Komeyui, Port Melbourne

396 Bay Street,Port Melbourne, Melbourne
Komeyui, You are definitely on the top of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Melbourne! This is a Japanese restaurant that Mr P and I absolutely love to go to for dinner dates, it doesn’t even need to be a special occasion – It’s THAT good! We’ve been pretty busy with work and other things lately and thought a dinner date was definitely long overdue! (We already sound like a married couple HAHA). I guess we’ve been pretty lazy and just been enjoying take away dinner  – basically Netflix & Chill. Anyways, Mr P had been up to date with the latest menu at Komeyui, following their Instagram and always DMing me the dishes he’s craving. So before we arrived, He already knew he was going to order the Duck Hot Pot! Whenever people ask ‘What should we order?’, almost every time I will say ‘THE WAGYU TATAKI!’. This is the best tataki I’ve had in Melbourne, even better than the usual Jap Restaurants – Koko and Nobu etc. (The picture below, doesn’t do the dish justice! It’s ridiculously good).
For Entrees, We tend to always go for a platter of sashimi and of course the Wagyu Tataki mentioned above! My favourite that is always on the sashimi platter is the King Fish, the smokey flavour from the blow torching and soft texture is super super yummy! Well, every piece of sashimi is delicious HAHA! Mr P ordered his special serve of Uni (Sea Urchin) as usual and this time instead of his normal beer, he went for the Sake Tasting.  Anyways, In case you haven’t caught on, The Wagyu Tataki is the bomb! They have this soy marinated egg yolk that just sticks to the pieces with the perfect amount of spring onion and some crunchy thing and of course lemon! Imagine that all in your mouth!
For Mains, We ordered the Duck Hot Pot and OMG it was so filling for two people. The duck was cooked just right, the soup was perfect for the cold weather outside and to finish it off we were served with traditional Japanese soba! Previous times we’ve visited Komeyui, We’ve ordered the Seafood Miso Hot Pot which is pretty cool because they turn the remaining soup into Congee afterwards, Wagyu Rump Steak and the Hairy King Crab in White Wine (Weird name but it was good!)
We are always full by the time it gets to dessert, but the complimentary dessert given is still perfect to finish off the night!
Highly recommended place! Thank You Chef Kuma for remembering us every time we come! We will be back very soon 🙂
396 Bay St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

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