Sporty Spice Kinda Saturday.

With Melbourne unable to make up its mind on whether it’s going to be sunny or cold, my go to jacket has definitely been THE BOMBER JACKET! Every girl probably goes through the conflicting issue on whether we need to bring a jacket, coat or cardigan? Or maybe it’s just me! I get cold way too easily – some have called it ‘a fear of getting cold’ Haha! Anyways, the weekend that just past got me with mixed feelings… cold-ish morning (?), sunny afternoon and a thunderstorm at night! Mr P and I didn’t really have much planned for the weekend apart from going to see the recent Civil War movie! But unfortunately we couldn’t get good enough seats, even though we had free tickets! So instead we opted for a relaxed chill weekend. Chill Weekend = Chill OOTD.
When I’m not in my usual heels or dressed up attire, I tend to go for the casual comfortable look! And that for me is: Jeans, a Basic Tee and Sneakers! The ones I had on were Ksubi Blue denim jeans and your basic White Tee from General PantsBut recently, I’ve been obsessed with my Black Bomber Jacket from Topshop! It is so easy to wear with anything and still looks stylish, giving it an effortless sporty edge – for sure a fashion staple item in my wardrobe! I got mine with the gold detailing as I’m a sucker for gold detailing on anything really. I love the zip feature on one of the sleeves and of course pockets to keep my hands warm. The Bomber I got is so warm that I only need to wear a T-shirt inside, hence perfect for this “autumn but feels like winter” weather! Who knows, I might try the Bomber Jacket with heels look one day? Glam it up a bit! But for now sneakers do the job!
Also, Ever since purchasing the Adidas Superstars, I have been wearing them quite frequently – they’re my ‘winter casual shoes’ to replace my black strap sandals and basically when I can’t be bothered wearing boots (Cos they’re such a hassle to take off and I guess it isn’t THAT cold yet! Haha). For some reason there was a lot of wind going on, so to keep my little ears nice and warm, the Carhartt beanie was the way to go for my Saturdate! Well, truth be told it was Mr P’s beanie that I stole Haha!
The beanie was a perfect choice – take it off when it’s hot, put it on when it’s cold without worrying about it messing my hair and Hey! It looks cute on me He said! I’m glad I don’t usually have that issue that most girls tend to have – the “ugh rain on my hair, don’t touch my hair blah blah”
Scroll Down for the full details of my outfit – Photographed by Mr P!

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TOP: Basic White T-Shirt from General Pants
BOTTOMS: “Spray On Jean Zero to Hero” Blue Denim from Ksubi
OUTERWEAR: Black Bomber Jacket from Topshop
BEANIE: Navy Beanie from Carhartt
SHOES: Original Adidas Superstar Black and White
HANDBAG: Black Lamb Skin Chanel Boy



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