Workshop Brothers, Melbourne CBD

Workshop Brothers! I’ve heard so many things about your first store in Glen Huntly, but glad you’ve finally opened up in the Melbourne CBD! And lucky for me, it’s about a 5 minute walk from my workplace! The minute you walk in, you’re able to smell the coffee beans roasting away and a mouth-watering display of sandwiches, croissants and yummy doughboy donuts! The interior and architectural design is absolutely genius in my opinion! While the CBD location may be small, they have incorporated these mirrored Bi-Fold doors where the kitchen could be hidden behind. It gives this crazy illusion that the cafe is actually bigger than it is!
There are two major things I love about this new joint. Firstly the design on their takeaway coffee cups, it’s simple but has such a cute meaning to it – LOVE IN THE CUP! (Scroll Down for Pictures!) So for all you coffee lovers, the cup will pretty much sum up your life HAHA! (Excuse my lame joke haha). And Secondly, They have this perfect quote/motto/whatever you want to call it written on the wall:

Pleasure in the job puts Perfection in the work

Coincidentally enough that is what I have been doing with this new blog! Definitely not expecting much as of now, but enjoying the moments of posting bits and pieces of my every day life, and having them all in one place to look back on! Maybe not perfect yet, but definitely on the road to what perfect is to me!
The vibe and service is absolutely on point! It is definitely a place where I would regularly get my takeaway coffee before or during work. I love the little details, from the hipster aprons hanging on the wall to the self serve water station. The staff were so friendly in showing us that we could help ourselves to either tap or sparkling water (Pretty rare right to be offered sparkling water for FREE HAHA!). They also had those trendy jars of water called ‘Antipodes‘ where you probably would have come across on Instagram. Definitely have a read if interested in purchasing one for yourself or just to know what is so special about it – Click here!
Scroll Down for the snaps I took and definitely make your way down there if you’re in the city!
Check out there Instagram @workshopbros
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Monday to Friday: 7AM – 4PM
Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED


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