Hey, Häagendazs!

Häagendazs House in Melbourne! Yes, you read it! But unfortunately it is only a pop up store open til April 16th! So get down there before it closes. Although it is slightly hidden, I have to say it is still in one of the best locations just behind Federation Square and facing St Paul’s Cathedral. I just can’t get over
The design of this Häagendazs House is absolutely beautiful! It is like our own little ice cream house with booths inside and an opened window space that has pot plants and ropes hanging from above, facing the patio surrounded by classic white picket fences. I loved every inch of the place! Sitting by the window with 3 delicious scoops of Häagendazs at almost sunset was a beautiful way to spend the afternoon.
We ordered 3 Scoops: The Strawberries & Cream, Mango & Raspberry (Which was definitely my favourite as it was so refreshing!) and the Coffee Flavoured one which I can’t exactly remember the name but it had this Ginger Biscuit which was absolute heaven! (See Pictures Below photographed by Myself and Mama Wong)
It was about $6 for 1 Scoop, $12 for 3 Scoops and $15 for a Take Home Pint. They also had the option for the Ultimate Tasting, where you would have to book in advanced but get the opportunity to endulge in the 12 signature flavours of Häagendazs icecream they had to offer!
If you’ve got the time, definitely stop by the Häagendazs House before it closes! Check out there Instagram @haagendazsau
Opening Hours:
Mondays: CLOSED
Tuesday – Sunday from 5PM til Late

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