Toko Melbourne, Prahran

142 Greville St, Prahran, VIC Australia 3181
TOKO was definitely a fantastic dining experience. As usual, a whole afternoon filled with constant snacking on food didn’t stop us from getting our appetite back the minute we saw the menu. As you make your way through the restaurant, our eyes are constantly getting fixed on all the dishes surrounding us. Towards the sushi bar we passed the beautiful outdoor terrace bar area which was inspired by the picturesque courtyards and terraces of Tokyo and Kyoto. Once perfectly sat at the sushi bar, Mr P started off with an Asahi beer, as he usually does at any Japanese or Korean restaurant.
For Entrees, we ordered the Toko Nigiri which was the chef’s selection of about 7 Sushi Nigiri, which was a well-balanced variety of nigiri. In addition to that we shared the seared beef “gyuniku no tataki” which was absolutely delicious! The salmon tartare “sake no miso taru taru” is definitely something that needs to be ordered next time.
For Mains, We ordered the “kamo to nashi no namasu” which was duck breast, sansho pepper and pickled nashi pear. The additional Nashi Pear on the side perfectly complimented the dish as a light refreshment. Another was the “negima yakitori” which personally wasn’t my favourite. Originally we went to order the “butabara bara to kojican miso” which was the double cooked pork belly – however it was unavailable that night.
Couldn’t have asked for a better restaurant with a great ambience, service and food!

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Sorry! Not the best photo (Still practicing hehe…)

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