The Beginning of a New Chapter

Welcome to Her Khronicle Diaries!

Kimberley is the blogger behind Her Khronicle Diaries! Born and raised in Melbourne, graduated from a Property degree at Melbourne University and currently in Property Marketing and Communications. This will be Hespace to freely share bits and pieces of her life such as the food adventures, exploring new places, expressing her fashion and much more! Having all of these aspects recorded in one place allows her to keep things all in one place, and could potentially be of interest to other people – which leads to the reasoning behind Her Khronicle Diaries” . The K, was just for fun!
definition: chronicle
(n.) a factual written account of important / historical events in the order of their occurrence
(v.) record / series of events in a factual and detailed way
Indeed it has taken Her a while, but the time has finally come just before the New Year! There are thousands of ‘bloggers’ out there which definitely was a reason for postponing this idea of ‘blogging’, as well as the almost guaranteed criticism. The idea of trying to figure out how this blog could be different to those already existing  was getting way to complicated, BUT she kept being told to just start it without overthinking. Although “Her Khronicle Diaries” started in 2015 and was very inactive, things are changing! Readers will definitely feel like they’re talking to Her – none of the extremely ‘formal’ writing!
SO here we go! The beginning of a new journey, where she aims to use this space as a platform to express the little bits and pieces of “Her” every day life. Thanks for stopping by!
Let’s see where this adventure will take Her ~